Organizational Profile

The Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women is a vital resource for the Aboriginal community and the general public.

Incorporation Information

Scope of Territory: Provincial/Territorial

Incorporation Information: Non–Profit Society

Charitable Status: Not registered as a charitable organization

Date of incorporation: September 29, 1995



To establish, develop and deliver educational programs and services that promote positive relationships.

With guidance from all our Elders, recognize and respect the spiritual and the sacred nature of the role of women within Aboriginal culture and traditions.

To develop and deliver support services to build the individual capacity of Aboriginal women, their families and communities.

To achieve “Social Justice” for Aboriginal women by:

Research and development of resource materials,

Identify opportunities to participate in policy development and decision making with the municipal, provincial, federal governments

Challenge and eradicate discrimination of Aboriginal women.

Recognize and respect Aboriginal women through celebrating their strengths and achievements.

To establish a forum and network for Aboriginal women to exchange information and experiences

To create an Aboriginal Women’s Centre in collaboration with other partners to increase the skills and abilities of Aboriginal Women.

To establish a social enterprise facility that provides Aboriginal women the opportunity to become self-sufficient.

To build collaborative relationships with like-minded organizations to advance Aboriginal Women’s issues.


Aboriginal Women in Alberta are strong and resilient and are disproportionately affected by violence, discrimination, and isolation

Trauma, be on-going effects of colonization and systemic discrimination are barriers to moving forward

It is beneficial for Aboriginal women to be involved in the decisions that affect them and their families

Aboriginal women are often active members in their community who are sought out for advice from other family and community members and who lead social and political change in their neighbourhoods