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Esquao Awards Nomination Form


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Nomination Categories


Excellence in the performing or visual arts, including accomplished writers, actors, or musicians
Tantoo Cardinal (2002) & Cynthia Smallboy (2004)


Success in Business Development or Ownership 
Vina Roberts-Marten (2008) & Karen Young (2010)

Children’s Future

Integrating a child’s perspective in planning and promoting services to children or to help children live their dreams.
Ruby Lacombe (2007) & Shelly Hamlin (2009)

Community Involvement

Those striving for community wellness, ensuring community engagement or community development.
Clara Woodbridge (1996) & Nora Flett (2001)


Practicing and preserving cultural practices and way of life.
Madge McRee (2000) & Rose Auger (2005)


Achievement in the educational system
Karen Telford (2011) & Ileen Nepoose (2014)

Health & Medicine

Advocates, staff or administration in the health system.
Leona Beaulieu (2001) & Marlene Arcand (2006)


Pursuit of international relationships with Indigenous women around the world
Florence Large (2010) & Linda Bull (2003)

Justice & Human Rights

Courage and determination in pursuing justice or advocating for human rights
Denise L. Lightning (2003) & Grace Auger (2009)

Lifetime Achievement

A lifetime commitment of helping others in their community
Annie Bear Shin Bone (2005) & Rose Findlay (2006)

Service to Country and Community

Those serving or have served in the Canadian Forces, Police, Fire or Emergency Services
Bertha Clark-Jones (1996) & Cst. Sharon Bourque (2008)


Achievement in the organized sports including rodeo, hockey, water sports, or boxing
Crystal Arcand (2000)

Trades & Technology

Success in trades and/or technology, including construction, engineering and environmental management
Carla Saunders (2009) & Elaine Cardinal (2012)