Empower U Financial Education Program

Empower U Financial Education Program is:

  • Empower U is a 12 module financial education program where you will learn about dealing with banks, how to build and stick to a budget, and repair your credit. IAAW is partnered with 11 other organizations in Edmonton to assist 200 women each year to purchase an item that will increase their chances of success.
  • Empower U

Empowering Financial Champions

  • IAAW is partnered with Bissell Centre and E4C to deliver services that reduce financial barriers and increase the financial well-being of people living on low incomes.

Esquao Youth Leadership Development Program

Esquao Youth Leadership Development Program:

IAAW recognizes that an important part of community success is building, and educating, Aboriginal youth to become community leaders.

The program has been developed to increase the skills, values, awareness, and self-development for Aboriginal young women.

The program is constructed around the current needs, of the participants, and focuses sessions on Indigenous cultural traditions, protocol, and teachings.

  1. Esquao Youth Leadership Development Program is funded by the City of Edmonton.

Evaluation Report Feb 19 2016

  1. Join others who are looking for support and mentoring to get on Edmonton boards and committees. Program includes workshops such as, what happens at the meetings, how to improve your communication skills and increase your confidence. Your voice is important to get to the tables where decisions are made and IAAW can help you get there. Email:

Preparing Women For Financial Success Program

Preparing Aboriginal Women for Financial Success:

IAAW as part of a Status of Women Canada Economic Prosperity Initiative is examining and searching for solutions to barriers to increase the Financial preparedness of Indigenous women in the Edmonton Area.

PAWS – Community Assessment April 2016