Esquao Youth Leadership Programming

Leadership Development

  • In school and after-school programming focused on increasing safety through activities, connection to resources and providing opportunities for community involvement.
  • Participants develop public speaking skills, learn more about current events and what is a healthy relationship.
  • Presentations and short-term activities offered to group homes and youth groups

Summer Youth Programming

A 4-day intensive summer camp for Young Indigenous Women.

Main components included:
1. Healthy Self
2. Building Confidence
3. Safety Awareness
4. Relationships

Principles of the camp:
• Infuse cultural teachings into daily educational components by having three Elders participate in most of the activities.
• Attract young women who were vulnerable, possibly in foster care or group care
• Ensure an alcohol and drug-free environment – maintain close relationship with the local police
• Employ staff and support persons who are compassionate, yet firm
• Keep participants active throughout the day and allow time to debrief at the nighttime campfire
• Supply healthy meals and snacks