Financial Literacy

Empower U - Financial Independence Training

IAAW’s financial independence training addresses poverty in a cultural context by building skills and confidence in women and girls.

  • Training is infused into all of IAAW’s services because poverty is a barrier to advancement
  • Empower U Edmonton sessions extend to 20 weeks, 2 hours per week and includes a Matched Savings component
  • Program explores our relationship to money and its link to trauma and addiction
  • 1-2 day workshops offered in rural communities for staff or community
  • Advice on how to start a financial literacy program in your own community’s programs

For program information, e-mail Bernadette at

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Financial Empowerment Champions

IAAW is partnered with the Bissell Centre and E4C on a multi-year project to expand delivery of proven financial empowerment intervention that improves the financial wellbeing of Edmontonians living in poverty or experiencing homelessness. The partnership was launched last year and has made strides since.

The group explores ways to encourage and support municipal and provincial governments as well as other large service providers to include financial empowerment solutions into existing programming for low-income individuals. The organizations are working together to connect with vulnerable and marginalized populations. They also collaborate with existing partners such as the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Financial empowerment Collaborative, Financial Pathways Collaborative and the United Way.

The initiatives in this partnership includes:

  • Financial literacy
  • Coaching
  • Housing supports
  • Community collaborations
  • Training of volunteers
  • Fill service gaps in Edmonton

IAAW has a part-time financial empowerment coordinator who works alongside the E4C staff to develop tools, coordinate the implementation of Financial Empowerment interventions inside their organizations, and train partner organizations’ staff.

As part of this initiative, IAAW began assisting their clients with taxes in the office. IAAW also developed a curriculum for people who are considered very vulnerable. While the original curriculum still addresses vulnerable populations, it assumes that the client has a consistent source of income. The next stage for IAAW is to implement the curriculum through training with communities and organizations.