Housing Diversion Program

The Housing program at IAAW is not a walk in program; in order to apply for the program a woman must be participating in one of our programs.

At IAAW, we know that one of the biggest barriers in Edmonton is housing. It is difficult to attend any program unless you have a home to go to. We have an agreement with Homeward Trust Edmonton. After an assessment is completed, depending what their level of scoring is, this will dictate what services will be best. If the person qualifies for the Diversion program, IAAW is able to help. The Diversion program means they are able to manage financially and will require financial assistance one time. With the Diversion program I.A.A.W is able to pay for first month’s rent, damage deposit, and if deposit is required for utilities and gas, and pick up used furniture (the beds are New) from FIND. Homeward Trust then reimburses IAAW.

Success, according to Homeward Trust, is that a family lives independently for 6 months and is not default in rent. We are at 100% success rate.

Some of the factors that we are successful are that the women in our programs develop a positive professional relationship. We are empathic and listen to their stories. The women honour us by believing that we will do our best to help them move forward. Knowing this we follow through. We follow up, we get to know them and their families, and they know that we are just a phone call away.

Activities Undertaken
 Finding a safe place to live.
 How to manage transportation
 Managing housing: understanding rights & obligations, finding furniture
 How to find a doctor
 How to access services and which services to access
 Bus Tickets or transportation to appointments, when appropriate
 Securing a phone (essential as women often need to report every 2 to 3 hours)