Presentation to the United Nations Rapporteur Professor James Anaya Oct 11, 2013

Edmonton Social Planning Council – Poverty Profile January 2015

Projects and Initiatives Completed


Increasing Safety for Aboriginal Women, 2014

Mamowichitowin Women’s Gathering, 2014

Love Conference 2012

Strong Women, Strong Communities, 2008

Alberta Aboriginal Women’s Summit 2007, 2008

“Systemic Discrimination and the Justice System”, 2002

Systemic Discrimination Against Aboriginal Women – 10 Mini Conferences, 2001

“Aboriginal Women’s Human Rights Symposium”, 2000

“Gathering Our Strength” Violence Against Aboriginal Women, 1998

Reunion of the “Voice of Alberta Native Women’s Association” 1998

“Let Our Voice Be Heard” – Aboriginal Women’s Summit 1997

Training and Research

IAAW supports capacity building of Aboriginal Women to address their own needs through training and community based research and dissemination of reports.

Community Training

  • Human Rights training in 1995, 1998, 2007 including Train-the-Trainers program
  • Family Violence workshops 1998
  • Mediation and Advocacy training 1997-02
  • Esquao Inc.—Entrepreneurial and wellness training, 2007
  • Roles & Rights of Aboriginal Women, 2008
  • Pathfinders Community Workshops 2009
  • Time of the Buffalo, Youth Human Rights 2009
  • On-line Business Training 2012


Community Research Projects

  • Documentation of Crimes Against Aboriginal Women and report
  • “The Examination of the Impact of Aboriginal Cross Cultural Training on City Police and RCMP Officers as it affects Aboriginal Women”
  • Aboriginal Women and the Protection Against Family Violence Act” – Impacts
  • Community Consultations on Communication, Capacity & Unity
  • “We Have Cried Enough” – developing an Edmonton action plan for recommendations of the Stolen Sisters campaign.

“Increasing Safety for Aboriginal Women Report – Community Action Plan”, Jan 2014


Our Women in Uniform memories from Aboriginal women who served in the military in World War II

Resources for Aboriginal Women in Alberta

– Primary research into the role of Aboriginal Women in decision-making processes.

The Rights Path Alberta, Third edition. Human rights information for Aboriginal people.

It Takes Courage

—Human Rights for Aboriginal youth Booklet

Can You Hear Us? Aboriginal Women’s Community Resource Kit

—Social Inclusion of Aboriginal Women in Canada

Support for Victims of Violence

—pocket sized brochure for information and support.

Circle of Sisterhood

—the findings of community consultations with Aboriginal women

We Are One

—report on 2008 Alberta Women’s Summit.