The Women of IAAW: Lulu

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November 30, 2018 by

Lulu first became involved with IAAW after she participated in the self-management program where she met Marggo, the Community Program Coordinator for IAAW. WIthin this umbrella, Marggo coordinates the Housing Diversion program , where women are provided their first month’s rent as well as assistance furnishing an apartment so long as they participated in another IAAW program.

After moving to Edmonton from St. Theresa Point First Nation in Manitoba, she was on a mission to better her life and the lives of her children. She mentioned that she is doing the Housing Diversion Program in order to be able to move her kids to Edmonton and start over. Slowly, she hopes to reunite with her 3 boys and 2 girls.

Lulu lived in the St. Theresa Point reserve all her life, and never had a place to call her own. When asked what the best part was about living independently, she said that she can celebrate being sober every time she realizes how far she’s come. In her free time, she enjoys beading, creating jewellery, designing skirts and other fabrics on her day off from her job as a cook at Cunningham Place. She hopes to teach others about the traditional ways of beading because she is a believer in tradition and its therapeutic effects. IAAW is proud of women like Lulu who set goals and work hard to achieve them. After all that Lulu learned in the different programs she was involved with, she was able to take these tools and apply them to her daily life. Great job Lulu!