The Women of IAAW: Muriel Stanley Venne

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November 30, 2018 by

President and founder of IAAW, Muriel Stanley Venne continues to be a bright light for the Indigenous women who look for an inspirational role model in Alberta and beyond. Some of her achievements include receiving the Order of Canada, After her integral roles in advocating for various Indigenous women’s rights in the justice system, she was recognized for her hard work and put on display at the new Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta. Muriel is on display with 3 other notable Indigenous leaders across Alberta.

Muriel hopes that through this new exhibit which features a Métis woman, that Aboriginal women across the province continue to be inspired to tell their stories and help their fellow women in whatever capacity. Although this is a momentous accomplishment for an Aboriginal woman in Alberta, Muriel believes that there is still a lack of stories told about Indigenous women’s accomplishments when talking about Alberta’s history. Her dream is to produce an Anthology of Aboriginal Women which features the lives of the Esquao Award recipients* through written recollections and other media that can be made available to the general public.

If you are planning on visiting the museum, an exciting announcement was made by the government last month that the new museum would provide free admission to Indigenous people as a step towards reconciliation. The museum officially opens on October 3.

Stay tuned for a full blog post coming up with a picture of Muriel’s display.

*Any woman who has received the Esquao award can contact or if they would like to be interviewed and have their stories featured in our newsletters and other mediums.