IAAW offers alternative, community-based training to rural and urban community groups. Fees are negotiable and may be covered by IAAW. If you have 8 confirmed participants, IAAW will try to get out to your community

Money and You

Learn How to move towards financial independence by learning how to set mini-goals, repair your credit and learn forced-savings tips. Train the trainer course available. ½ day- 4 day course and Train the Trainer course available

Pre-Employment Boot-Camp

Focused Individual and group activities to build your network of connections in the community and assistance in acquiring a job with one of our employment partners is provided. 2 day course.


Setting up an Advocacy Group

Do you see the need for organizing other people in your neighborhood to work toward improving your community? IAAW has developed information booklets to help work you through how to set up an advocacy or support organization.

½ day – 2 day course and Train the Trainer course available

Communicating for Positive Results

The manner in which you communicate directly affects the results you get. IAAW facilitators will give you some tips and tools to keep calm and improve the way you come across to others.


2 day course and Train the Trainer course available.

  1. Human Rights Advocate Training
    1. Many people are not aware of Human Rights. And if you don’t know your rights it is hard to advocate for your rights. IAAW has information and training ranging from ½ day information sessions to 5 day Human Rights Advocate training.
  2. Supporting Aboriginal Women in your community
    1. IAAW facilitators provide innovative ways that your community can recognize your local First Nation and Metis women. Depending on the level of support and size of activity, IAAW can help get you started.


On-line or ½ day course available.

  1. Recruiting and Retaining Aboriginal Women Employees
    1. IAAW has developed innovative ways to address child care, family responsibilities and how to retain your Aboriginal women employees. Training varies from Focus Group (4 hrs) to 2-day Train the Trainer Course Available.
  2. Recruiting and Retaining Aboriginal Women Volunteers
    1. IAAW developed an information book on Aboriginal Women volunteers.